"Your project cleans up well."
"I'd say 'thank you', if you didn't insult my protégé."

20th Century Filipino Levi whose taken under Lieutenant Colonel Erwin Smith's care during the Phil-Am War

I made a GIF of drifting-mako and I.

Don’t mind me. I’m hanging out.

Just up to something.


I demand more kung fu Scarlet and the gay space nymph

I have open commission slots again guys UuU

Your hetalia art is amazing


Tu es tres gentille UuU

Here’s a child France for you *u*

PS, I can’t speak French. I’m still learning HAHAHAH Sholéne’s helping me though!


sometimes when i’m sad i imagine eren jaeger as a puffer fish and when he gets angry he just inflates

which makes him even angrier

Chill vectoring while work vectoring ‘cause i’m hella

I wish I could give everyone a ceramic unicorn.
Thank you so much for sending your kind words! I feel so much better now ; O; I hope you all have a wonderful day and I’m really glad you took the time to send such love my way ; U; Thank you again guys!

Why you should live in South East Asia

We have anime channels
You get an English dub around the same time the episode came out.


More at my RB store

I haven’t watched beyond ep1 but apparently there’s gonna be this Sparkly Gay Space Fairy Saint Seiya Parody Hybrid of a boy and i need him.

On a shirt.

That you can buy.

Right now.